Who's Been Living in YOUR House?




The Duignan and Gannon families were originally from Ireland. Thomas Duignan and Peter Duignan were brothers, at some point living in Nevada, working on the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad across Utah, Nevada and into California. Thomas was the foreman of work gang of Chinese laborers.

Delia Gannon and Thomas Duignan were married in the late 1800s. Delia was pregnant when her younger sister Nan Gannon came to help her with the baby. Nan met and married Peter Duignan. [Yes, the sisters married brothers, evidently not that uncommon in those days.]

Peter and Nan Duignan had two children, Peter and May. Nan died in 1908 (age 28). Both children lived with Uncle Tom and Aunt Delia for a while. When Peter Sr. remarried, Peter Jr. (born 1902) live with his father. May (born 1905) continued to live with Aunt Delia and Uncle Thomas Duignan as they moved across the west with the railroad, towards California.

Eventually both brothers settled in California. In 1939, Thomas and Delia Duignan moved to San Jose and into the house at 153 Race Street, along with their niece, May. May’s brother, Peter had 6-7 children, lived in San Francisco area, and worked as a foreman. It appears that May did not marry or have any children.

In 1957 Thomas Duignan died (approx. age 87). Delia and niece May continue to live at 153 Race Street.

In 1960 Delia Duignan died (approx. age 84). May (now age 55) continued to live at 153 Race Street. She was then a Dean at San Jose City College.

In 1984 May Duignan was still living at 153 Race Street. At that point she had lived at 153 Race Street for 40 years!

May Duignan died in 1989 (age 84).

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