Who's Been Living in YOUR House?



Sample Chronology of Residents
153 Race Street

1899 This area is part of the San Jose Fair Grounds. Race Street existed, as did Park and The Alameda, but there were no cross streets
1907 Maps now show Mariposa and other cross streets north toward The Alameda were present, but the streets on the east side of Race were not there yet.
1922 Antonio Parisi buys Lots #3 and #16 from Peninsula Land & Improvement (owned by investor Hanchett), and begins construction on two houses that will become 153 and 157 Race Street. Until 1941, the 153 Race Street is numbered 167 Race Street
1924-25 Resident is George W. Leslie, tank truck superintendent (renter)
1926-28 Resident is Robert E. Early, engineer for Western Well Works (renter)
1928 Antonio Parisi loses the both houses in foreclosure to the Bank of Italy.
1929 167 Race Street becomes 153 Race Street
1930-31 Resident is Frank L. Glover, an auto trimmer
1932 Resident is C. B. and Raymond Costa
1933 Vacant
1935-38 Resident is W.A. Sinclair, a chiropractor
1939 Resident is F.O. Kuntz, a painting contractor, with wife Olive
1939 Residents/owners are Thomas and Delia Duignan. May Duignan, a school teacher, joined them in 1940.
1940-1989 Members of the Duignan family live at 153 Race Street until 1989
1989-1993 House appears to have been empty, possibly in estate proceedings.
1994-1997 Resident/owner is John Cardoza
1997-2005 Residents/owners are Marcia (real estate agent) and Henrik Malinowsky (architect)
2005-2007 Residents/owners are Sabine Zappe and Loui Tucker

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