Along with the trash (mostly paper and plastic), we always find a few treasures, tidbits and oddities.

Below are samples from the most recent litter pickups.

I have been cataloguing these finds since 2008. If you want to see even MORE of them, click here for another page of photos.

Want to see what's in a bag of trash? What's in the bags of recyclables?


January 2010

A bicycle seat.   Spray cans of chemicals used in automobile detailing.     A metal pot. It's too damaged to be used for cooking, but I can find a use for it in my garden.
A tiny child's sandal - only one.   A tiny plastic figure. It's a small miracle anyone spotted this, because it's about the size of dollar coin.   Two hats. After some clean-up, we will donate them.

Yes, it's rusty, but it still works, so it will be cleaned up and either used or donated.   A box of tools. They were not in the box to start with. They were scattered all over the road at the site of a crash. Somebody's tool chest split opened and spilled its contents ( probably worth over $100), and nobody bothered to pick them up after clearing the crash.   A small portion of the Botts Dots we found. The orange one is pretty rare. I have dozens of these if anyone wants them for an art project!


A model helicopter! It's very delicate, so it's a amazing that it's not damaged. How in the world did it wind up on the side of the freeway?

  A metal dish, pretty disgusting when we found it, but...   ... it cleaned up nicely. We may use for a pet dish.


I have been cataloguing these finds since 2008. If you want to see even MORE of them....

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