Along with the trash (mostly paper and plastic), we always find a few treasures, tidbits and oddities.

Below are samples from the most recent litter pickups.

I have been cataloguing these finds since 2008. If you want to see even MORE of them, click here for another page of photos.

Want to see what's in a bag of trash? What's in the bags of recyclables?

May 2019

Almost one entire Adopt-A-Highway full of clothing. Pants, shirts, t-shirts, socks, jackets, sweaters, vests, all dirty but salvageable. A trip through the washer and dryer and they will be donated. Most of the items came from encampments along the freeway. We don't take clothing directly from the encampments, only what is discarded and tossed down to the freeway.     It will be a nice blanket, once it's washed.  
Last month there were a dozen hubcaps on the Leigh-Bascom off-ramp. This month it was close to 30 -- scattered along the highway as if someone had a truck-load of them and they spilled off the back.      That's a Madeleine cookie!   It was once a nice decorative pillow. This side wasn't too bad, but the other side was ripped and badly stained.  

Several yards of rope.   A scale -- not working.   An unopened bottle of Pedialyte.  



This was up on the street level (see the highway in the background). There was a encampment along the top of the off-ramp. We were startled at first until we realized they'd place a stuffed toy guard dog at the entrance to the camp.

        Not just one or two, but FOUR bottles of pee. I realize that, if you're living on the side of a highway, you don't have many options. I just wish we didn't have to deal with them every month.  

April 2019

Two photo albums with flag covers. They were still in the cellophane packaging, but I had to open it to see what they were.     A big heavy-duty plastic barrel.     The usual assorment of Reflective Raised Pavement Markets, commonly known as Botts Dots. I have several dozen of them in a box in my basement. If there is ever a market for them, I think I've cornered it!  
Two perfectly good cables.   An unusually large number of gloves. As usual, there are more left-handed gloves that right-handed gloves. You should also see there is one pair.   A hair band with paper flowers on it.  

An unusually large number of hubcaps. These were all found on the same on-ramp, and four more were found further along the freeway.   Top Hatters needs supporters? Top Hatters is a motorcycle club based on San Jose.   63 mini-bottles of Seagram's vodka, plus another 10 mini-bottles of another brand of vodka. All of them were found on the driver's side of the same on-ramp. Somebody has a nip before heading down the freeway -- scary!  

March 2019

Cute toy! Push the blue button and it plays several different tunes. Video here   Kids pajamas. A trip through the washing machine, and they will go to Goodwill.   A woman's knit sweater.

An XL jacket that sells for about $45. Just a small tear in the lining, but otherwise in great shape.   A checked shirt. Also in good condition.   Just one slipper. Very sad. I took a photo because the Mickey Mouse on it was too good to pass up.  

Unopened packages of noodles! Why dump them? They were near the site where we gather before going out on the highway. We gathered them into one of our Adopt-A-Highway bags and will take them to the Second Harvest Food Bank. It's a shame to waste food!      
One more adorable stuffed animal for our collection!   A twenty dollar bill and 50 cents in small change -- found on the freeway. That brings our total for almost 15 years of once-a-month clean-ups to $2,071.59!      





I have been cataloguing these finds since 2008. If you want to see even MORE of them....

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