Video links instead of dancing?

The last time we all danced together in the same room was Monday, March 2. So much has happened and so much has changed! It seems like a decade ago instead of a six weeks! I know many other instructors have provided Zoom and Facebook sessions, but I am not set up to do that. I am offering instead a weekly 'harkada' based on video links. This way you can control when you dance.

I selected videos of communities dancing. Although they are not the people you know and love from our Monday night group, it should feel like you are following behind an inner circle of dancers. I tried to create a mix of our favorite classic dances with new popular dances. I've also included lyrics when available.

[Two additional notes: (1) Look at the information below the videos to see all the many places Israeli dance is done (2) seeing some of these other dance halls makes me really appreciate the one we have!]

Below are links to this week's list and prior weeks in the event you either did not save the email when I sent it, or you joined our Monday Night email list after the lists started.

Sent Friday, March 20

Sent Friday, March 27

Sent Monday, April 6

Sent Monday, April 13

Sent Monday, April 20

(No links sent April 27)

Sent Monday, May 4

Sent Monday, May 11

Sent Monday, May 18

(No links sent May 25)

Sent Monday, June 1

Sent Monday, June 8

Sent Monday, June 15

Sent Monday, June 29

Sent Monday, July 6

P.S. This is also a great way to finally learn that dance that you've following behind the line for years!