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Monday Night Dancing

May 13, 2019

I will be teaching        

Asal (couples - Moshiko - 1991)


At Kvar Lo Iti (couples - Amnon Amram - 1994)

Note that they are BOTH couple dances and these dances will be taught ONE WEEK only!

        My email last week -- a request for input on a dance or dances to review this Monday -- created a very interesting string of responses. I really didn't intend for everyone to vote on the examples I provided. They were just examples. I was trying to stimulate your interest and encourage you to think of other dances I should consider. I did get a few responses that listed different dances from those in my email. I have catalogued those dances and I hope to work them into teaching schedule in the coming months.
        Since many of you simply voted on the examples that you were interested in learning, I opted to take the top three: Asal, At Kvar Lo Iti and Kesheani Mitahev.
        In the usual 8:30-9:00 teaching slot, I'll teach Asal and At Kvar Lo Iti. I don't anticipate that will take the entire 30 minutes, in which case I might also do Kesheani Mitahev. If I can only teach the first two, I'll consider doing a review/walk-through of Kesheani Mitahev later in the evening – or I will hold that for a full teaching in a few weeks.

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Want to see what has been taught in the past? Thank you to Lee Richardson who has been keeping track since 2012!