(last update 8/18/2019)


Monday Night Dancing

August 19 & 26, 2019

Bein Ko Vacho (circle, Elad Shtamer, 2019) I taught this dance back in May but it was not played enough in the following months, so most dancers have forgotten it. It's too nice a dance to let it go so quickly, so I'm going to give it another chance.


I will be reinforcing Karina's teaching of

Hamilim Hachaserot (couples, Dudu Barzilai, 2019)

I feel it is important that Karina and I teach many of the same dances. First, it reduces the number of new dances being added to our repertoire. If I teach two couple dances and two circle dances per month (which is typical), and Karina teaches two different couple dances and two different circle dances, that's potentially eight new dances every month. However, if we sometimes teach the same dances, it could be six dances or as few as four new dances to learn and remember. Also, a dance has a better chance of surviving if *all* of the local dancers learn it instead of just some of them and it is played twice a week instead of just once a week.

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Want to see what has been taught in the past? Thank you to Lee Richardson who has been keeping track since 2012!