[Updated May 19, 2024]

There is no dancing next Monday (Memorial Day Weekend), so there isn't much point in teaching new dances. I'll start teaching new material Monday, June 3. So tomorrow ....

Monday, May 20 - All-Request Dance Party!

General Information:

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me!

ATTENDANCE -- Varies from 70-90; 60% women, 40% men; 60% Israelis, 40% American Jews and non-Jews. Average age about 55; age range from late-20s to early 80's.

SNACKS -- Coffee, tea, lemonaide. Cookies, halvah. popcorn. Seasonal treats like sufganiyot, fejoia, figs.

Want to see what has been taught in the past? Thank you to Lee Richardson who has been keeping track since 2012!

Here's a typical playlist. I post these lists once every six weeks or so. If the list gets old, just email me and let me know.