by Loui Tucker

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As I lie in bed at night waiting for sleep to come, I often compost limericks. Below are a few of my favorites. They have been published in the National Folk Organization's News as well as the California Folk Dance Federations' Let's Dance! mazagine.


My late husband hailed from New Paltz
Of course the man had his faults
He drank and he swore
He gambled, he snored
But Lord, that man sure could waltz!

There was a young fellow named Lance
Zillertaller Laendler was his favorite dance
He'd twist and he'd bend
More than a doctor would recommend
Now he's paying for his exuberance

There was a young dancer named Trish
It had long been her most fervent wish
Not a waltz, not a hambo
Not a čoček, not a pravo
She wanted a man who could schottish