by Loui Tucker

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This article appeared originally in the February 2008 issue of Let's Dance!


Advertising slogans have a way of sticking in our brains. We remember the jingle long after the company has gone out of business and the product has vanished from store shelves. I am sure the slogans below will bring to mind a particular product. In fact, even if you never used the product, I'll bet you recognize these -

          "Double your pleasure, double your fun, with double good....."
          "Put a tiger in your tank!"
          "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz! Oh, what a relief it is!"
          "You're in good hands with ...."
          "My bologna has a first name, it's...."

International folk dancing needs just such a slogan – something catchy and memorable, something that we can have printed on bumper stickers and t-shirts and canvas tote bags. It has to be in a bright, eye-catching color, with some snazzy graphics. People will spot it on your car or on your shoulder. People will yell at you out of car windows and stop you in the grocery store. "What's this folk dancing thing all about?"

The ones you see below are just a few of the ones that popped out of my brain while dreaming about this article.

Let's pick one or two. Let's get them printed up as bumper strips. Heck, if the readers of this magazine can help me pick the two top favorites, I will personally have 500 printed and give them away to anyone will promise to put one on their car. If you particularly like one of the slogans above, email me at loui@louitucker.com. I will keep a tally and see if one or two of them look sufficiently popular to merit production. I'll report the results in a future issue.

Our favorite pastime is one of the best-kept secrets in modern society. We need to get the word out. How about a little creative marketing?