We put a roof on our back deck (Fall 2010)


A photo taken by the previous owners showing how the back of the house looked originally. Note the pull-open basement door typical of this type and age of house. The door in this photo was to a small service porch that the previous owners converted into the master bathroom. The two windows in the kitchen became the French doors in the next photo. When we moved in, the back of the house looked like this. In addition to the French doors and new bathroom (small window visible behind the tree), the previous owners built the structure over the basement opening and the deck. We changed quite a few things. First, the French doors were turned into a door-window combo, then we created a cat box on the back porch accessible through a cat door under the breakfast nook, and in 2008 we reorienting the stairs. This photo shows the latest phase: a roof over the porch and a horizontal roof line that created additional storage space!
The framing begins Note the new roof is tucked UNDER the roof of the house, not extended from it.
The roof goes on. The wasted space above the door will become a storage cabinet.
Stucco applied and the roof gutters are on. You can see the storage space framing in the last photo.
Ready for paint! You see the cabinet doors on the storage area.
The painting is done. Doesn't it look like it's always been there?
Some other views of the porch. We used bead board on the roof and inside of the cupboard.