PUBLIC ART August 2018


In the winter of 2018, Sabine and I decided to become part of the Public Art Movement. We were inspired by several nice pieces in our neighborhood.


On the west side of The Art Works on The Alameda.   On the east side of Crema's at Race and The Alameda.   On the east side of Las Casuelas restaurant on Race Street.

On the south side of the corner market at Sunol and San Fernando

  On the north side of Peet's at Shasta and The Alameda.   Garage door and driveway on Dana near Shasta.

We contracted with Catrina Sida who did the art at Las Casuelas restaurant as well as the metal storage shed in Buena Visa Park. After you've read this, if you'd like to contact her: 408-449-3111 or

The first project was the side of our home. Go here.

The second project was on the wooden gate at the end of our driveway. See below.


























The first step was to paint the gate white.   Next, she sketched in the car.
Over the next couple of days, the car appeared at the end of the driveway, inside the garage.        Details were added - the old garbage can, a hose, a rake and a hoe. Then our old dog Charley.


The license plate appeared, along with a metal bucket on the left side. "TZ" are our initials, "09 94" was our first date. "CAL 22" represents the year the house was built.


She put some grasses in the driveway to match the real ones.The day Catrina finished painting Charley, we were inside, saying good-bye to our 18-year-old dog. RIP, old friend!






This is the view from near the end of the driveway. It can't be a perfect match with the real garage from every vantage point, but it's still an amazing illusion.