When we moved in August of 2005, the back yard looked like this. There was a narrow rose bed next to the garage, which was white but covered with ivy. The area next to the rose bed was covered with odd pieces of slate and a brick patio. The door standing against the fence had come off the rotten door frame. In a subsequent wind storm the door itself (eight pieces of glass set in fragile individual frames) was damaged beyond repair. {I know, I know, we should not have left it outside...]


The first step was to remove the rose bed and slate and lay out the area where we want the covered patio. Then the fences were replaced. We purchased a door to replace the one that had been damaged.

We painted the garage the same yellow as the house, and the door red, as are all the outside doors in the house.

The odd pieces of concrete (sold on ebay to a gardener in Modesto) were found behind the garage when we pulled out the ivy, bamboo, and bits of an old fig tree.

Paul Davis designed and built the patio cover. The roof slopes away from the garage to avoid water build-up, but the frame around the roof gives the illusion that the roof is flat.
We have planted climbing vines at the front and back posts that will hopefully grow up and over the roof to create a leafy arbor.
























Stucco applied and the roof gutters are on. You can see the storage space framing in the last photo. Ready for paint! You see the cabinet doors on the storage area. The painting is done. Doesn't it look like it's always been there? Some other views of the porch. We used bead board on the roof and inside of the cupboard.