Find out how much you know about litter on the freeway:



1. About how many bags per hour does an Adopt-A-Highway volunteer fill?   (a) 1 bag    (b) 2 bags   (c) 3 bags   (d) 4 bags

2. What is the capacity (in gallons) of the Adopt-A-Highway bags?   (a) 100 gallons    (b) 50 gallons     (c) 40 gallons     (d) 25 gallons

3. Besides the cigarette butts, what are the most common items of trash we find?   (a) paper     (b) plastic bags    (c) cardboard    (d) aluminum cans

4. What percentage of what is picked up is recyclable plastic, aluminum and glass?   (a) 50%     (b) 30%     (c) 10%     (d) 5%

5. What is the largest piece of trash we've ever found?   (a) a car     (b) a couch     (c) a dining room table    (d) a toilet

6. What type of trash do we see more of in November than any other month?

7. Why do we suggest that our volunteers look inside fast food bags before putting them into the trash bags?

8. Why is there more litter on the highways in the summer (June-September) than in the winter (December-March)?

9. What's the difference between (1) a regular plastic bag, (2) a photodegradable plastic bag and (3) a biodegradable plastic bag?

10. What are the six main sources of trash on our highways?


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