Updated September 2016

If you ever wonder where the trash on the highways comes from, just look around you on the city streets, in parking lots, at shopping centers. Your fellow humans leave empty cups, bags, packs, bottles, etc. all over the place! If these items are left in and around the city, can you doubt that the same people do the same thing on the highway? Oh, and the next time you go to a movie theater, take a look along the rows, between the seats, when you exit!


By the way, for every photo below, I have a half-dozen or more showing the same thing. These are not just oddities; I see them all the time.

A dirty diaper in a bush. Where did that kid get changed?


Another dirty diaper on the lawn.


Cup stuck on the poles supporting a young tree

A cup carefully stuck in a tree in the "V" of this tree   A bottle upside down in the "V" of this tree   This time it's a soda can tucked in the "V" of the sametree

A chip bag stuck in chain-link fencing


A bag stuck in chain-link fencing


A cup in chain-link fencing


Lunch left on the utility box


Cups left on a utility box


That's a half-full jug of bleach on top of the box!


A sign tossed behind a chain link fence so nobody can remove it


A cup stuck in the open end of a fence post.


A cup in some fencing.


Done with dinner - dump the bag!


A jug of used motor oil on an on-ramp


A bottle left upright on a median strip!


Bottles by the post


Two chip bags stuck in a sign


A water bottle tucked under a phone.

Plants take a lot of abuse:


Can you spot all the cans in the bush?


Can you spot all the bottles in the bush?


See the top of the plastic water bottle?



Cigarette pack in the ivy


Spot the cup?


Spot the bottle?

See the end of the can in the tree?   See the can in the bush?   See the can in this bush?
Cup right there on top of the bush!   Tucked into the bush...   See the bottle? See the trash can ahead?


There are some bushes next to a bus stop near our home. Two of them regularly get used as trash receptacles. Somebody comes along pretty regularly and leaves the same type of styrofoam cup, sometimes piling one in after another. Every time we walk the dog past these bushes we check - and we are never disappointed.

  One of these times I'm going to take a little video while we pull the cups out of the bushes!

Where there is a planter box, there will be trash!


And there are the newspaper stands and mailboxes

Empty cups and a bottle left on a newspaper stand   More empty cups on another
newspaper stand
  Yet another cup left on a newspaper stand.



This one's not being used for newspapers so, let's just fill it to capacity with trash - - what a great idea!


Cups left on a set of mailboxes


Don't posts seem like the perfect place to park your empty cup?


Top and left and below, the same posts, different days. The open ends of these posts are regularly used as ashtrays and trash receptacles.

  Someone had to stand on the bottom cross bar and reach waaaaay up to stick that cup over the spike on top!  
Cups on tree supports.   Same posts, different day....   A plastic water bottle stuck upside down in the top of a chain link fence pole.

Nobody will notice if I leave my empty cup.... here!


Same hedge.... two different days. A cup empty cigarette pack.






Cups on a wall   Same wall from the other direction   Same wall, different day


Do they think nobody's going to notice that cup sitting there?


And then there are the parking lots....

Cup in a parking lot   Bottle in a parking lot   Empty ice cream cup in a parking garage.
In another parking lot   And another   And yet another...
Done with lunch, gotta go.....   Not one but TWO soda cans....   Another lonely soda can.

Deep in a parking garage  
Cup in a parking lot

There's a trash can on the other side of the car.

And why leave trash next to or on an unlocked dumpster?

Cup by the dumpster (unlocked)   Can on a dumpster (unlocked)   Bag on a dumpster (unlocked)

Oh, honey, just leave that empty in the gutter.
The street sweepers will get it next month some time...

Bottles sitting upright in a gutter.   Cups left in the gutter.   More empty cups in the gutter.
Bottle at the curb Cups in gutters

And don't get me started on bus stops!




Every bus in Santa Clara County has a trash can ....right next to the driver.

Trash in the gap between two buildings.   The leftovers from lunch stuffed between the lights in a stoplight.   Banana peel on an overpass.
Must have been a spectacular accident - but why not take the hubcaps?   Empty bottle on Highway 17, perhaps left after an accident?  


The party's over so whaddaya do with the empties?   The party's over so ....   Lunch is over, so .....
View #1 -- see the cup?   View #2 -- see the trash can?   More cups that couldn't make it to the trash can...





Cup on the left in the gutter - trash can on the right.

Missed the trash can AGAIN!

Does walking 10 feet seem like too much to you?


A cup on a fence post. And I was standing in front of the trash can when I took the photo.


It's more common than you might think....

What's that stuck to the fence? A plastic bag!