Call me crazy if you like, but I wanted to know.

After the May 17, 2008, Work Day, I went back to the drop sites and picked up two bags of trash.
I took them home to our back patio. I sorted the contents. I wanted to see just what goes into these bags:

I started with these two bags    Here's the big picture. Clockwise from the lower left - cardboard, plastic, fast food, paper, plastic bags, cloth, hubcaps, aluminum foil, and empty cigarette packs. DETAILS below
Pieces of cardboard plus one plastic lid   All the fast food discards: cups, bags, straws, lids, styrofoam boxes, take-out cartons, napkins, wrappers, utensils, etc. etc. etc.
Plastic bags - that's a brick hold them in place because at the slightest breeze they try to escape.   Hubcaps, some aluminum foil (probably should be included with the fast food crap), and a donut box that I filled with empty cigarette packs -22 of them!
A few pieces of cloth and a broken umbrella   Lots and lots and LOTS of paper, from receipts to newspapers to shopping lists to parking tickets.
So -- what's in the trash? If you combine all the paper with the cardboard, empty cigarette packs, and the fast food debris (most of which is paper), trash is mostly paper, with plastic coming in second.