The Magical Properties of Shift+Enter!

by Loui Tucker

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This is a very short, very simple, but very useful trick that works in both Word Perfect and Word. I find in my travels to various offices that very few legal secretaries know about this simple keystroke, and it's been around since at least 1998!

Legal secretaries will find this most useful when using automatic paragraph numbers or automatic numbering for interrogatories or requests for production.

Typically you have numbered paragraphs and you want to have a subparagraph that is not numbered. What I suspect most of you do is press [Enter] at the end of the paragraph, the automatic numbering appears, and then you press the [Backspace] key to delete the number. When you need to go back to the automatic paragraph numbering, you have to go back up through the menu, select the paragraph numbering you want and indicate you want to resume the same list.

    1. You have paragraphs like this one that are numbered. When you get to the end of the first paragraph, you press [Enter] to get another numbered paragraph.

    2. But now you want another paragraph under No. 2 that doesn't have a number.

      Here's that unnumbered paragraph you wanted!

    3. And now you want to go back to numbered paragraphs! How do you do that more easily?

Instead of using your usual technique and keystrokes, when you get to the place in your list where you want that unnumbered paragraph, press SHIFT+ENTER instead of just [Enter]. Like magic: no numbering! Type the text you want. If you want more than one unnumbered paragraph, remember to use SHIFT+ENTER instead of just [Enter].

When you're ready to return to numbered paragraphs, press [Enter] and your paragraph numbering scheme will automatically resume!

Think you'll be able to use that little trick some time soon?

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