I was a writer for "The Grapevine" for many years in the 1980's and 1990's and wrote many articles for that monthly publication. I have written reguarly for Let's Dance! magazine since the late 1980s. Below are some of the more popular ones, plus some other pieces I've selected from other sources. Enjoy!

Are You a Dance-aholic?

Be a Better Dance Student

The Care and Feeding of Beginners

More Advice for Beginners

Ruminations After Dance Class

So You Want to Start a Dance Class

Marketing Your Dance Class

Planning Your First Class

Turning Your Dance Class into a Dance Family

We've Got Competition

We Need a Commercial

We Need Slogans and Bumperstickers!

Why, Some of My Favorite Dances Are Choreographed!

Bigger Dance Classes are NOT Better Dance Classes

Learning to Lead (for women...)

Advocating for MORE Couple Dances!

Now THAT was a Great Dance!

Dance as Therapy

Doorways Into Our World

Making a Weekly Commitment to Dance

Getting Ready for Dance Camp

Dance is a Banquet

Missed Opportunites to Promote Dance

Do We Really Want To Attract Young Dancers?

We Are a Diverse Group of People

Dance Pollination - To Have a Friend, be a Friend

Dance Poems

The 10 Comandments of Folk Dancing


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